• A cavity, otherwise known as tooth decay, is a small hole that forms in your tooth over time due to acid-producing bacteria invading and breaking down the outer layer, or tooth enamel, that protects it. What causes cavities? Foods that contain sugars—such as candy, carbonated drinks, etc.—resu ... Read More

  • Toothbrush Care

    19 Oct 2016

    Whether you want to believe it or not, your toothbrush is actually a significant part of your everyday life, and just like you, it needs the right care and maintenance to remain healthy. Because of this, it’s important to practice proper toothbrush care to not only make your toothbrush last longer ... Read More

  • Bad breath, otherwise known as halitosis, is actually more common than most people might think. Nearly half of all adults have had experience with it at some point or another. But what does this mean to you? Whether you currently have bad breath or not, here’s a short list of common causes and sol ... Read More

  • It is important to make oral health a priority every day. Even doing so, it is likely you will experience dental issues at some point in life. The key is prevention, by being proactive about maintaining your mouth health so that when problems arise, they can be easily treated and won’t develop ... Read More

  • Good news! According to the American Dental Association (ADA), Americans in their golden years are now keeping their natural teeth longer than any other time.  The average number of teeth that older people are retaining is growing. However, as these individuals hold on to their teeth longer, mor ... Read More

  • Let’s face it, most people are blessed with perfectly straight teeth and a sparkling smile. A mediocre to no-so-bad grin that may have a flaw or two is more the norm. Although not perfect, some people are happy with their teeth. Others hate everything about their smiles. The only way they will sho ... Read More

  • Today, dental fluoride treatments aren’t just for kids. Adults with cavity-prone teeth can enjoy a painless way to fight cavities while reducing the need for painful procedures. Why are fluoride treatments so widely used? Fluoride seeps into tooth enamel and draws the calcium and phosphate t ... Read More

  • Frolicking and splashing in a cool swimming pool on a hot summer day brings joy to kids and adults alike. It is refreshing and lap swimming is a great form of exercise. When the school year ends, many kids head to camp sessions with daily swim lessons and open pool time. Folks fortunate enough to ow ... Read More

  • The act of gum chewing has been around since ancient times. In Greece, people would chew sap from the mastic tree. While in another part of the world, the Mayans were gnawing on the sapodilla tree sap. Native Americans in New England habitually chewed sap from the spruce tree. They learned this prac ... Read More

  • A common canker sore is a painful mouth ulcer that most people will experience at one time or another. A patch of red skin will become present first, and gradually become more inflamed. A white or yellow spot will develop in the middle. Sufferers need to find canker sore relief to be able to chew an ... Read More