Does Your Child Need a Baby Root Canal?

Does Your Child Need a Baby Root Canal?

Apr 16, 2019
As an adult when you think of a root canal, you may find it an intense procedure to go through for salvage diseased teeth. You might not even imagine this as being a procedure for a child. Sometimes your dentist may recommend endodontic treatment for your child. Knowing what this entails, why it needs to be done and how it will proceed can go a long way in setting your own mind. You may require a lot of time to encourage your child before he or she goes through a baby root canal.

What is a Baby Root Canal?

A baby root canal is also known as a pulpotomy. It is a procedure that is done on a non-permanent baby tooth. Dentist in Calgary, AB recommends clearing the diseased pulp from the inside of the tooth and replace it with new material. It is performed to avoid discomfort as the nerve of the tooth runs through the pulp. A root canal can stop the spread of infection through the body.

Why is this Procedure Done?

Toothworks recommend this procedure due to many reasons-
  • To keep the structure of the tooth healthy as decay has happened in a baby tooth.
  • Missing baby teeth can lead to shifting of other teeth in the mouth.
This all can lead to the inability of the adult teeth to come through as required. Due to this, your child may need major orthodontic treatments in the future.

What Happens During the Baby Root Canal?

Dentist in Calgary will make your child comfortable before accessing the pulp of their diseased tooth. The dentist will remove the pulp depending on the extent of the disease, then sterilize the area and seal it. Dentist in T34 0R5 suggests that understanding the benefits of this procedure can help you make a smart choice. For more questions about this procedure, schedule an appointment with a dentist near you. Learn and understand the benefits of this procedure in full and decide whether your child needs a baby root canal or not.