The Difference Between Dental Implants vs Veneers

The Difference Between Dental Implants vs Veneers

Jul 01, 2019
When you have to decide between dental implants and veneers, it can be difficult. Making the correct choice depends on several factors such as the type of smile problem or dental issue. While dental implants replace the lost or missing teeth, veneers improve the look of your existing teeth, says dentist Calgary.

How Do I Decide Between Dental Implants Vs. Veneers?

When we think about dental implant vs veneers, some situations call for implants while others for veneers. It is the dentist in NW Calgary who can help in making the right choice. But it can help in understanding both the options if you are aware of your reasons for seeking a better smile. The reasons include either fixing a cosmetic problem or any structural problem with your teeth.

Problems Veneers Fix

Veneers are also known as dental or porcelain veneers and they help in fixing cosmetic issues with your smile. The cosmetic issues include yellowing, stains, chips, and gaps. The dentist in Calgary AB says that veneers are wafer-thin appliances that provide appearance of straight teeth when you have minor straightening needs. A major benefit of veneers is that lesser amount of time is needed for the smile makeover. However, they can’t help if you are suffering from bigger dental problems such as missing teeth, receding gums, bone loss, or weakened teeth.

Problems Dental Implants Fix

The dentist in Calgary says that dental implants help in fixing bigger oral health problems as compared to veneers. They work as an anchor for the crowns as a permanent replacement for lost, missing, or damaged teeth. Dental implants act as natural tooth roots. They continue to stimulate your jaw and keep the bone healthy and strong. Getting implants is a much longer process.

Reasons for getting dental implants include:

  • Replacing the missing teeth
  • Fixing any bite problems due to gaps
  • Restoring your smile
  • Enhancing your facial tissues
  • Restoring proper eating, chewing, and speaking
  • Supporting bridge or dentures
Whether to choose dental implants or porcelain veneers depends on your specific dental condition and your dentist’s suggestions.