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Crowns & Bridges in NW Calgary


Crowns in NW Calgary

If you’re suffering from teeth that are chipped, discolored, have decay or breakage, consider crowning those teeth as a way to get that strong, beautiful, and natural-looking smile that you’ve always wanted.

What are they?

Sometimes referred to as “dental caps,” crowns can be made of multiple dental materials, porcelain, ceramic, or even gold alloy, and completely encapsulates the tooth or teeth that have been damaged. The crown is fitted above the tooth and covers the tooth, from the gum-line up—in essence; a crown becomes the new surface of your tooth or teeth. Toothworks Calgary uses crowns to improve the appearance and health of your smile. And if you’re not sure which material you would prefer to have for your crown, Toothworks knowledgeable and experienced team will be able to help!

Bridges in NW Calgary

Suffering from missing teeth can make you feel self conscious; another problem could be you’re noticing difficulties with speaking, chewing or other everyday tasks. A way to improve your smile and your confidence is through dental bridges.

What are they?

Dental bridges are named for the way that they “bridge” the gaps between teeth lost to trauma, decay or gum disease. Gaps created by missing teeth can be corrected by dentists placing durable artificial teeth where your natural teeth are missing. Typically made of porcelain, the bridge area would need to be prepared before the actual artificial piece is placed; so multiple visits are necessary and a dentist is the only one who can remove a bridge. Once your dentist has created your bridge, they would be able to provide you with a semi-permanent option that can enhance your smile and improve the health of your natural teeth. If you feel that you need a bridge to help give you the best smile in town, visit our talented team at Toothworks Calgary and give yourself the smile you deserve!
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