How to Pack a Lunch that Promotes Oral Health

How to Pack a Lunch that Promotes Oral Health

Jul 16, 2019
Lunch can be cheaper and healthier but it depends on what you pack. Every parent desires a healthy smile for their children. It can be achieved in different ways but one of the most important ways is packing a lunch that improves oral health.

Stay Away from Sugary Granola

Granola and dried fruit are unhealthy when packed with extras. Dried fruit sticks to teeth and produces bacteria that lead to cavities. Dentist in Calgary suggests avoiding granola or health cereal which contains marshmallows, chocolate pieces and even candy. Always use granola that contains natural ingredients like nuts and oats pieces.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Every child likes sugary beverages but overconsumption causes acid attacks that can erode their enamel. It is important to limit the intake of such drinks to get better oral health. Sugary beverages contain a lot of sugar which are not even healthy.

Pack Water

Water helps in getting rid of food debris and keeps saliva flowing in the mouth. The dentist in NW Calgary suggests packing water for your child from home only. Nutritional waters are enhanced versions of water products which contain sugar and aren’t healthy.

Add more Whole Foods

While packing a lunch add natural, whole vegetables and fruits. Avoid packing starchy food and imitation fruit snack as dessert instead of pack fresh and fibrous fruit. Replacing sugary and starchy foods help in avoiding unnecessary sugar. This keeps your child’s teeth clean and healthy. Fiber helps in removing away leftover food particles naturally.

Eat Nuts Instead of Chips

There is a possibility that potato chips and other starchy foods might get stuck in the small areas of tooth surfaces. These foods give sugar to bacteria and ultimately lead to tooth decay. Dentist in Calgary, AB recommends brushing and flossing your child’s teeth twice a day. Pack nuts instead of chips and starchy food which are full of fiber and protein.

Dietary Choices Affect Teeth

The food your child eats not only affects their teeth but overall oral health. To learn more about healthy diets, find the dentist near you.