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Gingival Contouring in NW Calgary


Reshaping your Smile with Gingival Contouring

Being self-conscious about your smile should not be tolerated by anyone. If you find yourself covering your smile for aesthetic reasons, then perhaps gingival contouring is right for you. It can help reshape your smile and give you not only the cosmetic benefits but the health one’s as well. Some reasons for gingival contouring can be:
  • Formation of deep gum pockets, resulting in accumulation plaque
  • Gummy smile
  • Uneven gingival contours
  • Loss of gum tissue between your teeth
  • Exposed root surfaces

What is Gingival Contouring?

Excess gingival tissue, or gum, can cause cosmetic or health concerns. Gingival contouring is the solution; performed by your dentist in as little as one visit, the excess tissue can be lasered away with no pain or discomfort, in the process reshaping your smile. Before the procedure is performed, in order to assure maximum comfort, an anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated. Once sensation is lost in the area, your dentist will proceed to use a dental laser to remove the offending tissue. As it is removing the gingival tissue, the laser seals the gum, leaving no bleeding or need for stitches. Let go of your smile insecurities and get the smile you’ve always wanted! Make an appointment with Toothworks Calgary, and move one step closer to a more confident you!
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