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Tooth Extractions in NW Calgary


Tooth Extractions

A dental extraction or, more informally, tooth removal, refers to the removal of teeth from the socket. Extraction is often carried out as a last resort, like when the tooth’s roots are irredeemably damaged, through widespread decay, periodontal disease or trauma. The extraction will allow dentures, bridges, implants and other reparative measures to be carried out. A tooth could be pulled if they are unable to erupt through the gum (impacted teeth) causing recurring infections of the gum. A healthy tooth could also be pulled if they are overcrowded, to make space for the rest to be straightened out.

Sedation Dentistry and Tooth Extractions

The choice of anesthesia you receive depends on the complexity of the extraction—location, size, and shape of the root system of the tooth to be pulled. A local anesthetic could be offered for basic, straightforward extractions which can be performed quickly in the dental office, while more complicated operations should be carried out under general anesthesia for effective pain management. Getting your tooth removed might seem a very scary prospect, but with professional handling, a good dentist will allay your fear and anxiety making the experience smooth and painless as possible. You should discuss the sedation options available with your SW Calgary dentist. Laughing gas, oral or IV sedation are recommended for mild to a moderate level of sedation.
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