What Are the Causes of Yellow Teeth in Children?

What Are the Causes of Yellow Teeth in Children?

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Parents are most concerned over the health and well being of their children. They may be concerned over the color and appearance of their child’s tooth as some children have yellow or discolored teeth. Our team at Toothworks dentist in Calgary provide education and practical help for individuals looking to improve their child’s oral health and smile. Continue reading on to learn of the possible causes of yellow teeth in children and see how our dentist near you can help.

There are several things that contribute to the color and appearance of teeth including the following:

  • The natural color of teeth. The enamel in the tooth is semi translucent and this allows some of the yellow dentin to show through. Baby teeth will have less dentin which appears more white.
  • Food and drinks. Several different food and drinks can stain and discolor teeth. Berries, coffee, and tea can easily stain. If you child indulges in these foods and drinks, then it is best to rinse out their teeth with water to further protect their smile.
  • Oral care. Poor oral health can negatively affect the appearance of your child’s smile. Regular brushing and flossing at least twice a day are essential in protecting their teeth. This, along with frequent dental cleanings and appointments with our dental team, can help to protect the oral health.
  • Internal factors. Trauma or bleeding can have a direct impact on the color of a tooth as well as genetic disorders, certain illness, or poor nutrition.
  • Medications. A wide variety of medications can contribute to the yellowing of teeth. Talk to your doctor to see if any medications your child is taking have a similar side effect to you personally.

If your child has yellow or discolored teeth, then contact our dental team in Calgary to see how we can help to improve their smile with easy and practical steps. Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our Toothworks dental team. Why wait another day to help your child to achieve a healthy smile?