Wisdom Teeth Warrant Close Watch to Avoid Future Health Issues

Wisdom Teeth Warrant Close Watch to Avoid Future Health Issues

The permanent teeth replace the baby teeth and the process begins as soon as the baby teeth begin to fall. However, the wisdom teeth are the last ones to erupt. According to Dentist in Calgary AB, the third molars show up between the age of 18 to 24 and they never come as easily as other teeth. They always come with a host of problems. Not everyone faces issues with wisdom teeth but a significant population does!

The main reason behind the troublesome wisdom teeth is that they erupt when the mouth is already crowded and jaw is populated with other teeth. Often this impacts the wisdom teeth. They either erupt partially or fail to erupt, remaining under the gum line.

The problem arises when the impacted tooth starts to affect the neighboring teeth and damage their roots which disrupt the protective gum attachment. This makes other teeth vulnerable to tooth decay or gum diseases. You are also at the risk of infected cysts because of the impacted tooth. The cyst can lead to painful gum infection in other teeth or even worse, create a way for bone loss.

The Dentist near NW Calgary says that it’s recommended to remove the wisdom teeth even when such symptoms are not present as a preventive measure against the issues that may arise. The wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure. In fact, it has become a common surgical procedure.

However, the Dentist in NW Calgary AB says that removing or not removing the wisdom tooth should be solely based on the dental condition of the individual. The wisdom tooth should only be removed in patients who have adverse effects from impacted wisdom teeth. The extraction decision can never be easy for patients if they don’t see any signs of impact or disease.

The best way to manage the issues is regular dental surveillance. The patient and dentist can keep a close eye on the wisdom teeth development and signs of disease or impact. The dentists examine the wisdom teeth with the help of X-rays every 1-2 year.