What Is The Clicking And Popping Noise Coming From My Jaw?

What Is The Clicking And Popping Noise Coming From My Jaw?

At times, our bodies can make some embarrassing sounds. However, this sound can also be an indication that something might be wrong with your body. It is important that we list to our bodies and look of for clues signaling that there might be something wrong.

For instance, a grumbling stomach means you are hungry, and you need to eat. A whistling nose is an indication of an obstruction in the airflow which needs to be removed. A belch is an indication that the air needs to escape your stomach. While these sounds have a simpler fix, certain sounds can have deeper meanings and need to be addressed immediately.

Popping or Clicking Noise Coming from the Jaw

A noise you need to look out for is a clicking or popping sound coming from your jaw. This can happen while eating and chewing, yawning or while moving your jaw. This noise comes from the jaw joint, and this condition can be referred to as temporomandibular disorder or TMD.

Your jaw muscles and joints function together for the opening and closing your mouth. They offer you a range of motion and can move in many different directions allowing you to talk, chew and swallow. When your jaw joints do not function properly, it can result in pain and noises coming from your jaw.

According to the most dentist in Calgary, this popping and clicking noise is one of the few symptoms of the TMJ Disorder. In case you are experiencing you’re popping and clicking noise from your jaw or are showcasing any other symptom of the TMJ disorder, you need to contact your dentist in Calgary, AB at the earliest.

Your dentist in NW, Calgary will help in determining your bite and jaw misalignment and accordingly formulate a treatment plan for restoration of the balance and function of your jaw.

In case you reside in Calgary, Alberta and experience a clicking or a popping sound in your jaw, schedule an appointment with Tooth Works and allow our professional dental team to examine your jaw for diagnosis and further treatment.