When is it Time for a Tooth Extraction?

When is it Time for a Tooth Extraction?

Aug 30, 2017
Even though our permanent teeth are meant to last our entire life, occasionally situations arise where a tooth extraction may be the safest, best dental treatment option. At Toothworks Calgary, we try our hardest to avoid extractions of teeth, opting for less invasive dental treatment options when possible. So what exactly are the situations that require a tooth extraction?

Infection Risk

Certain patients at Toothworks Calgary must avoid infections of any kind, such as those with suppressed immune systems or those receiving chemotherapy treatment. Due to the suppression of the immune system in these patients, an infection can be life threatening. In these situations we may opt for a tooth extraction to avoid any further complications of an infection.

Tooth Infection

In situations where the neglecting of teeth and oral health have lead to an infection or abscess, a tooth extraction may be the only option to keep the rest of your oral health in check. In certain cases a root canal may be able to remove the infection and bacteria; however, if it is not successful or possible, a tooth extraction may be necessary.

Teeth Crowding

Certain patients at Toothworks Calgary do not have the space for all of their teeth, leading to the crowding of teeth, alignment issues, and occasionally no full eruption of teeth. In these situations, the extraction of teeth may be the best option for functionality and appearance of your smile.

Wisdom Teeth

Having wisdom teeth removed is an extremely common dental procedure, most often the teeth become impacted, can’t erupt, or lead to infection. In these situations, your dentist will recommend having your wisdom teeth extracted.

Gum Disease

Periodontal gum disease an extremely common oral condition that leads to infection of the tissue and bones that support your teeth. This can lead to loosening and shifting of teeth. Occasionally the best course of treatment is to extract the affected teeth to avoid any further complications.