Everything You Need to Know About Dental Care with Sedation Dentistry

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Care with Sedation Dentistry

Nov 05, 2019
Many people are afraid of seeing the dentist and it’s not the fear of the unknown. While some people can be normal with dental appointments others can be anxious to the point of avoiding the dentist completely. For all those people who endure the pain instead of visiting the dentist, sedation dentistry near you can be a good option. When you have dental issues and the dentist has suggested you to undergo dental procedures, sedation dentistry can make the procedure easier. Sedation can be administered in several forms right from laughing gas to deep sedation. People who have never experienced sedation can be afraid and skeptical about it. However, dental sedation is a completely safe option, says the Calgary dentist.

Make Sure That Sedation Is Safe For You

If you are planning to get dental sedation for your next appointment, you need to first find out if you are the right candidate for sedation or not. While most people are fine with laughing gas, with oral sedation and sleep dentistry, the potential risk can increase.
  • You need to make sure that the dentists are well-trained and experienced in offering various forms of dental sedation. Find out how often have they performed these types of sedation and are they prepared to tackle the situation if something goes wrong.
  • Discuss your medical history in detail about the probable medications including supplements and vitamins. Some medications may not react well to dental sedation.
  • If there are potential risks involved, the dentists must inform you in advance.
  • When you are sedated, the dentists and staff the need to monitor the vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels all the time.
  • Based on your health and age, the dentists should be able to tell you the appropriate dosage of sedation.
A good NW Calgary dentist will use the information provided by you for choosing the safest method of sedation and keep you safe while you are sedated.

Which is the Safest Method of Sedation?

According to the dentist in NW, Calgary, the safest dental sedation is based on the medical history and the medications that you are taking. Usually, laughing gas is considered the least invasive and the safest option. Oral sedation consists of anti-anxiety medication and is safe for many patients. IV sedation makes you semi-conscious and can come with some possible risks. When it is administered carefully, it is safe.

Every Person Responds Differently to Sedation

Everyone reacts differently to various types of sedation. Some people need little sedation to get knocked out and others may take full dose and not feel the procedure but stay awake for the entire procedure. Then some people don’t respond well to laughing gas and feel no change in anxiety or nervousness when taking oral sedation. Thus, the dentists should be able to figure out the safest option for you according to your condition.

Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

  • It is a safe and effective way of relieving the fear and anxiety associated with visiting the dentists.
  • Long dental procedures can be accomplished during a single visit.
  • You can sleep soundly throughout the procedure.
  • The patient has no awareness of the sight, sound, or smell during the procedure.
  • Patients breathe on their own and there is no intubation.
  • Patients with physical or medical handicaps can also be safely treated with sedation.
  • Patients with behavioral issues can be treated.
  • Patients will not be scared of getting a dental procedure done in the future.

IV Sedation is Ideal For

  • Extremely anxious patients.
  • Patients who have to undergo extensive dental procedures.
  • People who are anxious about keeping the mouth open for long hours.
  • Patients with a prolonged gag reflex.
  • Patients having certain medical conditions.
  • Physically or mentally compromised patients.
  • Patients with traumatic dental experience in the past.
  • People with extremely sensitive teeth.
  • People who have difficulty getting numb.
  • Patients with bad reactions to local anesthetics.
  • People who have a time constraint and multiple procedures need to be completed within fewer visits.
According to the cosmetic dentist in NW Calgary, dental sedation is a good option for people who suffer from anxiety and are afraid to see the dentists.