Root Canals Are Not As Fearful As You Think

Root Canals Are Not As Fearful As You Think

Jan 01, 2021

Has the dentist near you in Calgary mentioned that you need root canal treatment? In that case, rest assured you are not alone. Root canal treatment saves millions of teeth every year. This article explains why you mustn’t fear root canal treatments because they can relieve your tooth pain and preserve your smile.


The dentist near you has recommended the procedure because you are either confronting severe pain when chewing or biting, have a chipped or cracked tooth, are affected by lingering sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures even after removing the sensation, or have other issues.


Root canal treatments become necessary when the soft tissue inside the root canal becomes infected or inflamed. The infection could have various reasons and may result from deep decay and repeated dental procedures, or cracks or chips in the tooth. The tooth’s pulp can become damaged from any injury despite making visible no chips or cracks.


How Can Root Canal Treatment Preserve the Tooth?


When undergoing root canal in NW Calgary, the dentists remove the infected or inflamed pulp to clean the canals, shape them inside the root canal before filling and sealing the space. After you have recovered from the procedure, you return to your dentist to have the tooth restored or protected with a dental crown. After placing the restoration, the tooth functions like your other teeth.


Root Canal Have a Fearsome Reputation — Why Shouldn’t You Fear It?


Modern techniques and anesthesia allow dentists near you in Calgary to comfortably perform root canal procedures to relieve the pain from toothaches because of pulp infection or inflammation. Most patients report they experienced no pain and were entirely comfortable during the process.


Any pain you experience is after the procedure is accomplished and occurs during the first few days when your tooth will feel sensitive, mostly if you were in pain earlier. Over the counter pain medications will not relieve the discomfort from the infection but can undoubtedly help you after root canal treatment. However, you must follow your dentist’s instructions carefully, understanding that your tooth will continue to feel different from other teeth for some time after completing the treatment. However, you will receive help from your dentist if you continue experiencing pain or pressure lusting for more than a few days.


Will Your Tooth Need Additional Care after Root Canal Treatment?


Your dentist advises you not to chew or bite with the treated tooth until your dentist restores it. Your treated tooth is fragile and susceptible to fractures. Therefore you must see your dentist as soon as possible for a comprehensive restoration. Besides this one precaution, you can practice proper oral hygiene, including brushing, flossing, regular exams, and cleanings.


Most teeth undergoing root canal treatments last for as long as your other natural teeth. Sometimes the tooth does not heal or is still painful. The tooth may become painful months or years after successful treatment. In such cases, the dentist will perform root canal therapy again to preserve your tooth.


What Are Your Alternatives against Root Canal Treatment?


The only alternative against root canal treatment is tooth extraction, which brings upon you untold hardships requiring tooth replacement solutions and multiple visits to the dentist’s office. Moreover, replacing an extracted tooth is more expensive than undergoing root canal treatment. An artificial tooth is never similar to a natural one, and you must make every effort to ensure you preserve your natural teeth by undergoing root canal treatments if required as recommended by your dentist.


Will Your Tooth Discolor after Root Canal Treatment?


After root canal treatment, your tooth can at times become slightly discolored and develop spots known as intrinsic stains. This is because the tooth bleeds internally, and the inside of the tooth discolors to yellow or dark. Fortunately, teeth whitening treatments using internal breaching can whiten the tooth to give you back your smile.

Root canal treatments have a fearsome reputation spread by myths surrounding them. The tales began when dental technology or anesthesia wasn’t as advanced as they are in present times. This article should convince you that the treatments are not as fearful as you believe. You can fearlessly undergo root canal therapy, knowing full well that it relieves you from the pain you are experiencing and preserves your natural tooth. You may even have the tooth remain in your mouth for your lifetime.