What to Expect After Getting Partial Dentures?

What to Expect After Getting Partial Dentures?

Apr 01, 2019
Partial Dentures are usually an effective way to deal with missing teeth. Partial dentures may have one of two types of designs, one is metal frames with clasps that attach to your teeth. The other tooth connectors that are more natural looking. A beautiful smile can make your life a little brighter. If you want your smile to bring out your inner confidence, visit an experienced dentist at Calgary, popularly known as ‘Toothworks’. One of the best in dentistry services situated at Calgary, NW. But before that here’s what one should expect after getting the procedure.
  • When the dentures are new, one should begin with soft foods cut into small pieces. Do not get tempted by foods that are extremely hard. They can wreak havoc on partial dentures.
  • At first, new partial denture will feel uncomfortable or bulky. This is a normal phase and in a short time, one will become comfortable with them by removing and putting it again.
  • At the beginning, the dentist may recommend to wear the new partial denture all the time to get used to it.
  • Partial dentures can also affect the ability to pronounce certain words. If that happens to be the case, again one needs to practice to speak regularly.
  • After one becomes fully adjusted to their dentures, one can remove them before going to bed.

How to Care for Dentures

Dentures can be rather fragile. When you’re cleaning your dentures, clean them over a towel or sink filled with water, if it accidentally drops. Brush them regularly to remove food residue and prevent your partial dentures from permanent stains.

How to Clean Dentures

One can use hand soap or milder dishwashing liquid to clean their dentures. Dentures need to be kept in a moist place to keep their shape. When it is out of the mouth, place them in water to ensure they maintain their shape. If one is considering getting partial implants, visit the dentist near you to get that million-dollar smile. Our Dentist at ‘Toothworks’, Calgary, Alberta will help you get the smile of your dreams