Choosing The Best Orthodontic Treatment For Your Teen

Choosing The Best Orthodontic Treatment For Your Teen

Dec 16, 2018
When it comes to orthodontic care for your teenager, there are many more options available today. This is especially true of any orthodontist near you who uses the most advanced procedures and knowledgeable care, such as Toothworks, the premier orthodontic treatment in Calgary. To help you navigate the options and what they mean, we’ve composed a short guide on what to expect.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces, with their brackets, wires, and rubber bands, are the most recognizable form of orthodontics. A range of colors has introduced a degree of personalization apart from the classic silver color. They’re glued onto the teeth, and so they stay on until your dentist decides they are no longer necessary. At this point, a retainer may be needed to keep the new alignment.


Invisalign is a little different, as it’s a plastic tray that covers the teeth and may be removed. It’s comfortable and smooth, and matched to teeth through impressions and X-rays. There are dots that wear down with use to ensure that your teen has been consistently wearing Invisalign. Several sets of trays will be used as the teeth shift over time to their desired placement.

So Which is Better?

These two options are both great choices and in popular use. Braces typically last for two years, and are usually a little cheaper. They do require careful and attentive routine brushing and flossing. Often, they are used in more advanced tooth placement problems. The biggest concerns with braces is that there is potential for tooth discoloration, they may be a little uncomfortable, and a variety of foods are restricted that may interfere with braces, such as sticky foods and gum. Invisalign, however, in addition to being nearly invisible, allows your teen to eat whatever they’d like by simply removing the trays first. There is also no chance of discoloration. However, it requires keen discipline in order to work since they are removable.

The Best Time is Now

Finding an orthodontist in Calgary now is key to prevent future problems. If you have concerns about orthodontic treatment in Calgary, the best dentist for Calgary area residents is Toothworks. Reach out today to our top-tier staff and get started on the road to a beautiful smile.