Chew on This: Healthy Foods for Your Teeth

Chew on This: Healthy Foods for Your Teeth

Jun 28, 2017
Everyone knows how important at home dental care such as brushing and flossing can be for your teeth and gums, but what role can your diet play? Your diet can be extremely important in the prevention, treatment and outcome of your oral health. Foods and beverages high in sugar have always been known to cause cavities, but what kinds of foods can actually improve your overall dental health? Take a look at these 5 great healthy foods for your teeth:


Almonds are a great snack for your oral health, they are a great source of protein and calcium while still being low in sugar! Instead of chips, try substituting almonds and other nuts as snacks.


Carrots are a great source of fiber and vitamin A and can help scrape debris and bacteria from your teeth. Carrots also increase saliva production, washing away additional bacteria and particles along with reducing your risk of cavities.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens such as kale, broccoli, spinach, etc. are full of vitamins and minerals. Calcium in leafy vegetables can help strengthen teeth and the folate found in them may aid in treating gum disease.


Celery may not seem like the most exciting snack in the world but it can be extremely beneficial for your teeth. It acts much like a toothbrush, scraping debris and bacteria off your teeth. It’s a great source of vitamin A and C along with antioxidants which can help protect gums and teeth.

Black Tea

Most people probably think tea stains your teeth, but Black Tea can, in fact, improve oral health. Polyphenols found in black tea can inhibit the growth of bacteria which leads to decay and plaque. The nutrients found in black tea can also help with chronic bad breath.