Gum Disease is Still a Threat to Your Dental Implants

Gum Disease is Still a Threat to Your Dental Implants

The reason why you invested in dental implants is decay or gum infections; however, even after getting the dental implants, you need to keep them clean of bacterial plaque which causes gum diseases of you wish to ensure their longevity. Dental implants are certainly a significant investment provided you take steps to maintain them. They make cost you less in long run as compared to the restorative procedures which may seem less costly as of now, says dentist in Calgary.

According to dentist in Calgary, the implants itself can’t be affected by the gum disease such as Periodontitis, but the issues near it can be infected. The infection can lead to weaken the bone supporting the implant and cause it to fail. The infection involving implants can spread rapidly because of the lack of natural defence that natural teeth have.

The dentist in NW Calgary says that, the natural teeth are connected to the jaw via periodontal ligament which is a collagen network attaching to both teeth and bone through tiny tissue fibers. This connection provides access to the antibodies which are produced by the body for fighting infections.

On the contrary, the implants are placed directly into the jawbone which creates a secure attachment but it doesn’t have the same connection as the teeth have with body’s immune system. Thus, any infection in the surrounding areas can spread rapidly and needs to be dealt with promptly.

According to Calgary dentist near you, dealing with the infection is same as the natural teeth and gums but the difference lies in the tools used for removing the plaque. Metal scalers can create scratches in implants and create space for bacterial growth. Instruments made of resin and plastic are used along with ultrasonic equipment for vibrating the plaque loose.

It is important to brush the implants and surrounding tissues to avoid accumulation of plaque and infection. You also need regular dental visits and clean-up sessions for preventing the infection from developing. Maintaining implants in right conditions will offer a brighter smile for a long time.