Shining a Light on Migraine Relief

Shining a Light on Migraine Relief

Apr 30, 2018
Migraine pain makes it very hard to ignore. The accompanying throbbing headaches can last for hours or days in severe cases. While millions of Americans are affected, the cause is still relatively unknown.

What Is a Migraine?

A migraine is much different than a normal headache. A headache can cause pain and pressure on both sides of the head similar to the feeling of a belt are around your head and being squeezed. Uncomfortable, but most people can work through them. Common types of headaches include sinus, cluster and tension headaches with tension being the most common. Adversely, a migraine is recurrent and throbbing head pain that focuses on one side of the head. Sufferers will experience pain behind the eyes and/or ears and can additionally lead to nausea and vomiting, vision difficulties and sensitivity to both light and sound. While it is unclear what causes them, there are certain factors that trigger them. Family history is often a big factor, but a person’s sensitivities to other triggers can be very different. Additional triggers often include poor sleep, age, alcohol, sex, food, and hormonal changes.

Migraines and Light Sensitivity

Increased sensitivity to light is one of the most common symptoms of a migraine. Many prefer total darkness to rest and deal with the pain. A recent study tried to gather more information about light sensitivity and migraines and found that green lights were much less harsh when compared to red, blue and amber lights. While the green light did not cure the headache, it is a significant discovery and will lead to further testing.

How Do We Treat Migraine Headaches Now?

While hopefully a green light therapy program can be created in the future, for the time being, many rely on medications to treat the symptoms. At Toothworks Calgary Dentist, we offer injection therapy to help with jaw pain that often leads to migraines. However, understanding your triggers and avoiding them can be the best medicine possible.