Pregnancy and Dental Health

Pregnancy and Dental Health

Jun 21, 2017
Are you expecting a new addition to your family and are wondering how it may affect your dental health? Due to the hormone surge women experience when pregnant, certain dental health issues can be more common. There are ways however to prevent oral health issues during your pregnancy. Continue reading to learn more about pregnancy and dental health.

Can Poor Oral Health Affect My Pregnancy?

Recent research on pregnancy and oral health has suggested a link between high dental bacteria and pre-term babies. When you suffer from a gum disease, there is an excessive number of bacteria which can enter your bloodstream via your gums. In certain cases, these bacteria could travel to the uterus and produce prostaglandins, potentially inducing premature labor. If you suffer from gum disease and are expecting a baby, contact Toothworks and we can help get your oral health in check.

Can Pregnancy Cause Any Oral Issues?

When you are pregnant there is a surge of hormones in your body; estrogen and progesterone are two of them. These hormones can actually alter the way dental plaque affects your gums. This is known as pregnancy gingivitis, and symptoms for it can include red, swollen or bleeding gums. To avoid pregnancy gingivitis, we recommend routine brushing and flossing, especially near your gum line. This can reduce and even prevent gingivitis symptoms in some pregnant women. Make sure you eat healthy foods that do not cause excessive plaque and decay. If you are suffering from bleeding, inflamed, red gums, contact Toothworks and schedule an appointment today! Oral pregnancy tumors are something else you may experience during your pregnancy. These are non-cancerous, inflammatory response growths that tend to pop up when gums become irritated. They will typically shrink and go back to normal after the birth. If you have tumor growth that interferes with day to day life, Toothworks may be able to remove it for you. If you have any questions regarding dental treatment and pregnancy, feel free to contact Toothworks Calgary. We’d be happy to schedule an appointment and evaluate your overall oral health!