Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Aug 27, 2015

A cracked tooth is a medical condition in which the person can feel a sudden, sharp pain or contraction when a patient bites or puts pressure onto something in their mouth. The symptoms of cracked tooth syndrome are:

1. Increased tooth sensitivity to varying temperatures

2. Extreme pain in the tooth when chewing or biting something. The pain comes in sharp pangs and is usually more noticeable in that tiny moment in which the pressure is removed again.

The pain is irritating, sharp, and can last for a long time, as the sufferers usually think that it’s going to subside, but this isn’t the case. The cracked tooth syndrome usually occurs due to small fractures in the tooth. These fractures may occur in teeth that have undergone too many dental procedures. Sometimes the cracks are so small that they cannot even be detected by x-rays. The cracks can even take place under the gum line, therefore, becoming harder to detect. In any case, if you feel a sharp pain in your teeth while applying pressure, find a good dentist and make an appointment as soon as you can. Cracked tooth syndrome has to be treated as early as possible, because if the crack travels all the way to the pulp chamber and extends into the pulp chamber, then the tooth is at serious risk. The pulp chamber will be exposed and the pulp tissues will be prone to bacterial attack and damage. Gradually, it will get inflamed and result in pulpal necrosis (death of nerves) and tooth abscess, i.e. infection.

Cracked tooth syndrome mainly occurs due to fractures in the teeth. Fractures can happen due to a number of different factors. Fractures may be a result of the natural pressure that is always put on the teeth with daily use; it may also happen due to bad chewing habits, any trauma of the teeth, due to the presence of large fillings, extensive tooth decay, or even after a root canal treatment when the teeth are sometimes too susceptible to damage.

Treatments for cracked tooth syndrome depend on the type, location, the nature of the tooth, and the reason for the fractures. Some possible treatments include dental bonding, porcelain veneers, etc., depending on other factors. Detecting the cracked tooth syndrome is very important, as it can actually help save the teeth.

Visit our qualified dentists in Tooth Works Calgary and set an appointment to discuss the possible treatments. Do not let any underqualified dentist touch your teeth, because they can only do more harm than good. The dentists in Tooth Works are highly qualified to perform complex procedures, and they can even detect problems faster and more effectively due to their experience in oral treatments.