Beware of These Common Dental Problems

Beware of These Common Dental Problems

Sep 23, 2015

We want our teeth to be perfect because they are a very important part of our appearance. We also need our teeth to be healthy because they helps us to eat and digest, both of which are a must to keep us in good health. Just brushing your teeth twice is not enough, you must floss between each tooth and go to your dentist for regular check-ups after every few months even if you have no detectable discomforts with your teeth.

Some of the most common and widely occurring dental problems can be kept at bay if only these three precautions are taken. If you’re still being careless, here are a few common dental problems that you might have to deal with:

1. Abscessed Tooth: This is an exceedingly common dental problem that most of us have already faced or have heard about. An abscessed tooth is caused when a bacterial infection reaches the pulp of the tooth and accumulated into the gums, near the jawbone. The accumulation of the infection looks like a small, swollen ball of skin filled with pus that causes pain, bad breath, gum redness, and even fever.

2. Tooth Decay (Cavities): Damaged tooth enamel, in other words, cavities are formed when acid eats away at the tooth and lets plaque inside the enamel of the tooth. Accumulation of further food and sugar into the cavity causes more damage to the gums and worsens the problem, leading to a lot of pain and bad breath.

3. Dry Socket: A dry socket is a cavity at the base of the gum-line, which looks like a hollow area full of bacteria and germs. A dry socket often forms after a tooth has been extracted and the blood supply of the area gets cut off. The area shows the difference in color because the nerves here are exposed and susceptible to more damage.

These are three of the most common problems that most of us have faced or might be at danger of facing. The only way to prevent these is to keep the mouth clean and fresh by regular brushing, flossing and practicing the ritual of visiting the dentist for a thorough check-up and examination after every few months.