Fluoride Treatments Are Not Just for Kids!

Fluoride Treatments Are Not Just for Kids!

Jul 12, 2016
Today, dental fluoride treatments aren’t just for kids. Adults with cavity-prone teeth can enjoy a painless way to fight cavities while reducing the need for painful procedures.

Why are fluoride treatments so widely used?

Fluoride seeps into tooth enamel and draws the calcium and phosphate that is naturally present in saliva. These minerals enhance the healing process making teeth more resistant to decay. In addition, fluoride works to strength teeth prior to the eruption, this is why children are given scheduled treatments.

How do fluoride treatments protect against bad bacteria?

Fluoridetreatments work to attack harmful acid producing bacteria that is present in the mouth. Research has shown that is hinders the ability of bacteria to adhere to the teeth. Although filling cavities will repair the hole, it doesn’t address the problem with bad bacteria.

How long does it take to apply a fluoride treatment?

During a regular dental visit, the fluoride treatment only takes about a minute to administer. This preventative approach is just as effective for adults as it is for children. Some adult patients are given an additional prescription for a concentrated fluoride for night use.

What factors determine the best candidates for fluoride treatments for adults?

It is becoming increasingly popular for dentists to weigh an adult patient’s risk for developing cavities and if necessary, make fluoride treatments a part of that person’s individual treatment plan. Factors to be considered are the patient’s history of dental caries, oral bacteria levels, medications and saliva flow.

Can fluoride treatments result in no cavities?

Traditional dentistry teaches the best way to deal with a cavity is to drill a hole in it. This is still good general practice. But, routine fluoride treatments for adults along with good oral hygiene can mean no cavities. By neglecting to treat the underlying disease of bad bacteria and dental caries, the cavity-prone adult patient will simply continue to need more fillings.

Do insurance companies typically cover the cost of fluoride treatments for adults?

When it comes to fluoride treatments for adults there is one small hurdle, the cost. Insurance companies are willing to pay for routine treatments for children, but many are reluctant to do so for adults. Higher end plans may cover up to two annual fluoride treatments. However, the investment may be worth saving your teeth. The price of a fluoride treatment is much less than that of a filling.