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Facts About Dental Implant Pricing

Facts About Dental Implant Pricing

Apr 18, 2018
It’s safe to assume that most people would love a radiant and bright smile that could give them the confidence to take on new endeavors. Unfortunately, the reality is that not everyone has this kind of smile naturally. Even the use of dental implants can seem daunting for some patients that may have the financial aspect of the situation on their minds. Here at Toothworks, we want to make this process as easy as possible. We just want to see you leave our office with a renewed sense of self that can come from a new smile. Before all of that though, take the time to read this article to see the reality of the cost of dental implants.

Affordable Dental Implants: Fantasy or Reality?

If you find yourself less than satisfied with the appearance of your teeth or suffering from tooth loss for a variety of reasons, there is no reason you should take the initiative to make a new mouth for yourself (Not to mention at a reasonable price as well.)! While making dental implants cheap isn’t a feasible feat, we hope to keep
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the fees straightforward, but the term “affordable” is rather relative. What may be cheap for one group of people, could be absolutely preposterous for another. The average cost for a single dental implant, meaning one single tooth is about $4,000. Our office has significantly lowered this figure for the benefit of our patients. How can we keep our dental implants affordable for you?

How We Lower the Cost of Dental Implants

By making the dental implant process much more streamlined and organized, you can be safe from hidden fees. From the consultation to the digital images, you can be sure we won’t charge you in chunks as the process goes on. Dental implant financing keeps the costs straightforward, meaning you know what you’re paying for and why.