Invisalign Treatment and Aftercare Tips

Invisalign Treatment and Aftercare Tips

Jul 12, 2021
When individuals perform self-diagnosis and try self-treatment, there is always room for error. Some people view using clear braces as their most cost-effective way to correct minor smile defects and order braces online. However, when you visit our dentist in NA, Calgary, for a consultation or because of teeth misalignment issues, you may find that other restorative services such as Invisalign will achieve your goals faster. If you seek orthodontic treatment from a dentist near you, there are options for straightening teeth that do not require metal braces. Invisalign in NW Calgary is an orthodontic treatment that can align teeth correctly without using metal braces. Invisalign uses a clear aligner created from an image generated by a computer model and the impression that our dentist and his team get from your mouth to change the position of bad teeth. While traditional braces use fixed wires to straighten the teeth, Invisalign uses a series of customized, transparent plastic straighteners to straighten the teeth. After a few months, you can move the teeth to a new and comfortable position. Invisalign adopts a series of calibrator trays that are replaced every one to two weeks. The design of each replacement tray keeps the teeth changing and moving, so the feeling will be slightly different. You need to wear the Invisalign tray for most of the day to experience the effect. However, they can be easily removed for eating, brushing, flossing, or using on special occasions.

Who Needs Invisalign?

For adults and teens with chipped teeth, uncomfortable bites, and crowded and crooked teeth are just some of the problems that our Invisalign can correct. In addition to being unsightly, these problems can also affect dental health. Teeth cracks leave the gums unprotected and may cause periodontal disease. Uncomfortable bites can put pressure on the jaws and sometimes cause joint pain. Overcrowded teeth often cause plaque to accumulate because it is difficult to effectively floss, and this causes tooth decay in these crowded areas. At Toothworks dental, our Invisalign solves all these problems.

Getting started

Once you are sure that you are interested in Invisalign, you will have an initial consultation where you will meet with your dentist. You will have a conversation with your dentist about the Invisalign process, including how Invisalign works and your estimated cost. As part of the consultation, once you decide to continue treatment, you may receive an X-ray. Our dentist will X-ray and take pictures of your mouth, teeth, and face from different angles so that the dentist has a detailed understanding of your mouth as the basis for their dental work and be able to create customized braces for you. Patients may need to apply small composite patches on each tooth to help the Invisalign aligner grasp and shift each tooth. The patch is made of the composite material used in the filling and can be easily removed at the end of the Invisalign operation without discomfort. If necessary, the patient may also need to reduce the distance between the proximal ends when the patient’s mouth is crowded. Performing this procedure can create more space between the teeth. Our dentist in Calvary will use discs to remove the tooth enamel to create more flexibility.

Initial Fitting

At the time of the visit, you will get a composite patch and proximal reduction (if needed), and you will also have the first impression of Invisalign braces. When putting on the aligners for the first time, they should be held tightly. Our dentists will check the fit and possibly different molds until you are satisfied with the results. Dental practitioners will ask you how you feel, how uncomfortable you are, and whether you can feel any movement.

After Treatment care

You will need to clean the tray regularly, morning and evening. You can do this before or after brushing your teeth. The tray needs to be cleaned to remove the bacteria produced during the day or night. If you don’t clean the trays well, they will start to smell. You can clean them with a toothbrush, but don’t use toothpaste. You should also rinse the tray during the day and when you remove it after each meal. With the powerful technology of the Invisalign aligner in Calgary and the experience of our dentists, your new smile will gain the expertise it deserves. Make an appointment with our dentist in NW, Calgary now to learn more.