In-Office Teeth Whitening Excellent to Reinvigorate Your Smile

In-Office Teeth Whitening Excellent to Reinvigorate Your Smile

Jun 01, 2021
Are you analyzing teeth whitening treatments to help reinvigorate your smile tainted by discoloration? Professional in-office teeth whitening treatments from the dentist T3R 0R5 are popular cosmetic dental procedures in Canada currently. Unlike home-use systems incorporating low-dose bleaching ingredients, in-office whitening treatments are performed under carefully monitored conditions allowing for safe and pain-free use of higher concentrations of bleaching gel, yielding results visible instantly. In-office teeth whitening treatments, despite their excellence, are expensive and may encourage you to try over-the-counter systems designed for home use. However, it helps if you understand stains on your teeth are best removed by a professional who determines the kind of staining affecting you by evaluating your dental health.

Are You a Candidate for In-Office Whitening Treatments?

Your candidature for teeth whitening treatments with the dentist in northwest Calgary is determined by the professional after evaluating your mouth. If you are a victim of tooth and gum hypersensitivity, the dentist will likely recommend take-home bleaching trays with carbamide peroxide at low doses not as potent as hydrogen peroxide. Some kinds of stains are resistant to highly concentrated in-office bleaching ingredients. In such cases, the dentist recommends a supervised routine of intensive at-home bleaching or alternatives like bonding, crowns, or veneers. If your teeth have become transparent with age, you are not a suitable candidate for in-office teeth whitening. The dentist assesses your teeth to determine your candidature before confirming your suitability for the treatment.

Starting The Teeth Whitening Treatment

Before starting the in-office teeth whitening treatment, Calgary dentists NW give you a cleaning to remove plaque and debris accumulated on the surface and between your teeth. A dental exam is also performed, checking for potential problems like severe tooth decay, gum disease, and cracks. The bleaching ingredients cause varying degrees of irritation if you have any of these conditions. The dentists will likely delay the treatment until the problems are treated. The dentists take images of your teeth to measure their color on a shade guide. The photos provide a benchmark to assess your progress.

The In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure

Relatively standard routines are followed by teeth whitening in NW Calgary when whitening your teeth. The steps involved are not uncomfortable or painful.
  • You have a cheek retractor inserted into your mouth, exposing the aesthetic zone.
  • Your gums are painted with a liquid rubber dam or hardening resin to protect against irritation from the bleaching gel.
  • The bleaching gel consisting of hydrogen peroxide is applied to the aesthetic zone and left in place for about 15 minutes.
  • The bleaching gel is washed off for a new application for additional periods of 15 minutes.
  • Some teeth whitening treatments incorporate ultraviolet light focused on your teeth to activate the bleaching process. However, no evidence is available to prove the light improves the bleaching outcome.
  • Your teeth are checked between gel applications to determine how they have whitened and whether further bleaching is required.
After the eventual gel application, the cheek retractors are removed, and you receive instructions to rinse your mouth. The dentist measures the post-treatment shade, which may be as low as 2 to 3 or eight shades out of 16. The bleaching process dehydrates your teeth resulting in whitening, making them look whiter than there were earlier. If the results are unsatisfactory, the dentist will likely recommend follow-ups with in-office bleaching at a later date or a regimen of at-home bleaching trays.

Benefits of in-Office Teeth Whitening

In-Office teeth whitening treatments deliver fast results providing the safest form of bleaching. Tooth sensitivity and gum irritation are now more controllable because of the thicker peroxide gels and using de-sensitizers like potassium nitrate and fluoride.

Downsides of in-Office Teeth Whitening

The most significant downside of in-office teeth whitening is the higher prices charged than take-home alternatives. In-office teeth whitening prices are around $ 650 per session compared to below $ 100 for over-the-counter bleaching trays or strips. Take-home bleaching trays cost about $ 400. In-office bleaching treatments are unpredictable and depend on various factors like age, the kind of staining affecting the teeth, and heredity. Furthermore, in-office teeth whitening is not permanent, and your teeth start accumulating stains shortly after the treatment. Therefore many dentists recommend at-home maintenance of the teeth whitening results using low dose bleaching gel kept on the teeth for longer durations. If you want to maintain the results of teeth whitening, limiting staining foods and beverages is the best option besides quitting smoking. Therefore, you must avoid staining your teeth by maintaining excellent dental hygiene and using the self-care tips mentioned to have a brighter and whiter smile longer.