Why You Should Visit a Kid-Friendly Dentist

Why You Should Visit a Kid-Friendly Dentist

Jan 30, 2018
To prepare your child for a lifetime of fear-free dental visits, it is important to start with a kid-friendly dentist. We all understand the importance of good oral health, but have you considered the impact of your child’s dental visits? If the first encounters are not positive, kids can quickly develop dental anxiety. A negative association with dental visits can last into adulthood. Most dentists are equipped to treat young patients, but not all have the skills to build comfort and a good rapport with kids. Countless adults avoid seeking necessary oral care due to dental anxiety. We want your child’s dental visits to be positive experiences that help pave the way for a lifetime of good oral health.

Tips for a Good Appointment with a Kids Dentist

There are ways to prepare for your child’s dental visits before heading to our office. This will help him or her to know what to expect each time, and to feel more at ease. Start by borrowing some library books focused on good oral health and dentist visits. Try to find reading material that features familiar characters or your child’s favorite animals or cartoons. You can also view PBS programs or educational kid’s shows where a likable character goes to the dentist. This will help your child visualize what the experience will be like. Kid friendly dental staff will always welcome parents to come in and tour the treatment facility before the scheduled appointment. Since kids are more comfortable in a familiar environment, the first dentist experience is very important. Proactive parents who check out the dental clinic first get to meet the team ahead of time, so the actual appointment is not with strangers. The dental staff can show kids where the toys and books are located, what the exam room looks like, and how to get to the bathroom. Follow up with your child when you get home and address any lingering concerns or questions that are yet unanswered. You can also encourage your child to role play with dolls or stuffed animals, and give the toys a mock dental exam.

Maintaining Good Oral Health

As a family-oriented dental office, we are serious about kid-friendly dentistry. Children deserve to have access to excellent dental care for optimal oral health for years and years. We highly recommend twice yearly teeth cleanings and oral health exams, and professional fluoride treatments for added cavity protection. We also offer dental sealants that serve as a barrier on the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Sealants prevent bacteria, leftover food debris, and plaque from building up in the hard to reach deep crevices and causing cavities. As a kid-friendly dentist office, we are here to provide whatever your child needs for good oral health in a welcoming atmosphere.