The Truth about Teeth Whitening and Fluorosis

The Truth about Teeth Whitening and Fluorosis

Jan 11, 2023
Fluorosis causes white or brown spots on your teeth from overexposure to provide in the early years when the permanent teeth are developing. Fluorosis isn’t harmful to your teeth or general health and is merely a cosmetic concern. However, treatments to hide fluorosis stains are available from dentists.

What Is Fluorosis?

A cosmetic dental condition, fluorosis has characteristics of leaving white or brown stains on your teeth. The colours can remain as tiny white specks indistinguishable on your teeth or large brown spots that are noticeable. Dental fluorosis might affect you if you were overexposed to fluoride before your permanent teeth developed. The risk of developing fluorosis is higher among children 18 years or younger. However, teeth that have already erupted don’t get affected by this condition. Mild fluorosis affects one in four Canadians between six and 49. However, moderate to severe fluorosis is not a concern. Fluorosis does not impact oral or general health. In reality, fluorosis makes people’s teeth more resistant to cavities. However, it doesn’t mean you should be proud of fluorosis stains if you have them on your teeth. If you have noticeable fluorosis stains, you can benefit from teeth whitening for fluorosis to hide the stains from view.

Doesn’t Fluorosis Disappear by Itself?

Unfortunately, fluorosis stains don’t disappear by brushing and flossing. The optimal way to get rid of the staining is to seek treatment from a dentist in Calgary providing fluorosis teeth whitening, dental bonding, veneers or crowns. Therefore if your teeth have stains from excessive fluoride during childhood, you require treatments from the Calgary dentist to hide the stains from view.

The Link between Teeth Whitening Fluorosis

The condition of fluorosis develops during your early years by ingesting too much fluoridated water and swallowing fluoride toothpaste instead of spitting it. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure provided by dentists to whiten discoloured and stained teeth. However, fluorosis affects your teeth, and whitening remedies help remove the stains. Therefore if fluorosis impacts your teeth to make them look ungainly whitening teeth is a remedy for the condition that works as a temporary cure. Besides the above, there is no other association between fluorosis and teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening for Fluoride Stains

Teeth whitening Calgary provides cosmetic dental therapies to hide your teeth’ discolouration from stains from foods and beverages, aging, medications, infections, injuries, et cetera. The treatment utilizes concentrated hydrogen peroxide to bleach teeth in a therapy lasting just over an hour. Hydrogen peroxide also helps eliminate fluoride stains on your teeth when the Calgary dentist applies the bleaching gel to your teeth at four fifteen-minute intervals during your appointment to lighten the stains from fluorosis. In addition, hydrogen peroxide gel lightens your tooth enamel to enable the shade to blend with fluorosis. Teeth whitening is excellent for fluorosis if you have mild stains on your teeth. Unfortunately, if you are affected by severe staining, you might need to seek other cosmetic dentistry treatments from the Calgary provider. If you have a severe condition of fluorosis, the dentist might suggest alternative treatments like dental bonding, enamel micro-abrasion, dental veneers or crowns to hide the stains from view. Unfortunately, alternative treatments are more expensive than teeth whitening to deal with a harmless condition. However, if you think fluorosis detracts from the appearance of your smile, you can consider one of the above to make your smile appear beautiful instead of stained. Teeth whitening, in most cases, helps eliminate extrinsic and intrinsic stains on your teeth developing from the foods and drinks consumed, enamel erosion due to aging, injuries, and infections. However, the colours tend to develop with time if you don’t care for your teeth, as suggested by the dentist. Fluorosis stains never develop during adulthood and will likely remain invisible even after the teeth whitening treatment fades off to need additional treatments. If you want an alternative remedy to teeth whitening to cover fluorosis stains, you might find dental bonding beneficial because the dentist can alter the colour of a specific tooth or two in a non-invasive procedure needing just over an hour and costing a similar figure as teeth whitening. If you feel embarrassed showing off your fluorosis stains, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with Toothworks providing different remedies to cover the staining. You can seek the readily available whitening treatment for fluorosis or consider alternatives that help hide the stains for ten years to two decades, depending on your needs.