Is There a Technique to Prevent Migraines?

Is There a Technique to Prevent Migraines?

Jan 01, 2022
Many people suffer from excruciating headaches causing debilitating pre-migraine symptoms that include nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sound, and odors. In such cases, the headaches can interfere with your everyday activities compelling you to seek treatment for the condition from ToothWorks.

What Is a Migraine?

Millions of Canadians experience migraines or headaches causing excruciating throbbing pain or sensations of pulsing on one side of the head accompanied by the symptoms described above. Migraine headaches can last for hours or days, and the excruciating pain can interfere with your everyday activities. For some people, an aura occurs as a warning symptom before or with the headache. The atmosphere includes visual confusions like flashes of light or blind spots besides other perplexities like stinging on one side of the face or in the arm or leg and difficulties with speaking.

How to Cure Migraines?

Migraine pain treatment combines medications to prevent some along with making them less painful. Suitable medications along with self-help therapies besides lifestyle changes can also help ease the pain of migraine headaches.

What Are the Symptoms of Migraines?

Migraines can affect children, teenagers, and adults progressing through different stages. The four stages of migraines are prodrome, attacks, aura, and post-drome. However, not everyone experiencing migraines goes through all steps. Instead of relying on migraine pain treatment, it helps if you adopt migraine pain prevention in Calgary, providing you with suitable self-help techniques that prevent migraine attacks to avoid the pain before it starts. The self-help techniques include the following:

Avoid Bright Lights or Loud Noises

The familiar triggers of migraine headaches are loud noises, flashing lights, and sensory stimulation. These stimuli are challenging to avoid but realizing they can occur in some situations and environments helps you. These include attending clubs or crowded places, experiencing sunlight glare, visiting movie theatres, and driving at night. Taking breaks from your TV or computer screen to rest your eyes or adjusting the brightness levels on digital screens help you avoid migraine headaches. You must also pay close attention to all visual and audio disturbances.

Dietary Choices

Some foods and drinks can also initiate migraine headaches. The foods are chocolates, processed meats, red wine, cheese, and sweeteners. It would help if you learned which foods and additives bring migraine headaches and avoid them as far as possible. Common triggers are foods and drinks with caffeine or alcohol. Limit your consumption of these beverages during the day or prevent them altogether.

Maintain a Headache Diary

If you intend to identify your specific migraine triggers keeping a headache diary helps. Merely having a journal isn’t helpful unless you note the foods and drinks you have, your exercise routine and schedule, your medications and side effects, and the time and severity of the pain. The diary helps you to notice a pattern of migraine occurrences, making avoiding the triggers comfortable.

Hormonal Changes

Your hormones also play a significant role in migraines. Women tend to experience migraine headaches during or just before their menstrual periods. Therefore, it is recommended that women remain vigilant with their diet and exercise routines during this time. Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy can also increase the frequency and severity of migraine headaches. Some women find relief by changing birth control pills, while others may experience fewer migraines even as they take birth control.

Taking Supplements

Migraines are treatable with or without medications, but it is essential to keep yourself nourished. Magnesium deficiency contributes to the onset of migraines. Therefore taking supplements daily can help reduce outbursts. However, you must talk to your doctor about herbal remedies or other non-prescription supplements that may help ease your symptoms.

Weather Patterns

Changes in weather patterns also affect your migraine patterns. For example, hot and humid temperatures or rainy days can stimulate migraine headaches. If you find the weather uncomfortable, take a break and step inside your home to avoid headache-inducing weather.

Choose Relaxing Exercises

An essential part of a healthy lifestyle is regular exercise. However, strenuous exercise like weightlifting can trigger migraines. Therefore, you must keep a watch on your body’s response to some activities. Choose activities that promote stress reduction without straining your body. Taking anti-inflammatories before exercising may also help ease symptoms.

Plan Ahead

Learning to evade particular triggers and planning is an essential part of keeping your migraines under check. If you detect them early, you can avoid the most severe symptoms of migraines. However, if you find the pain unbearable, seek treatment for the condition besides prevention techniques from the specialist in Calgary.