How to Get the Perfect Autumn Smile: A Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry

How to Get the Perfect Autumn Smile: A Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry

Oct 05, 2022

The vacations and the hot sunny days are coming to an end. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot let your smile shine; as the adage goes, a smile can light up a room. So, this autumn, opt for a Calgary smile makeover or any other cosmetic dental treatment.

Some people may underestimate the power of a stunning smile. If you have a flawless smile, you will walk with your head high since your confidence levels will soar.

Cosmetic dental treatments enhance not only your dental aesthetics but also your oral health. In fact, most cosmetic dental treatments address functional and aesthetic issues.

The Best Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments For Autumn

Cosmetic dentistry employs science and art techniques to give you a breathtaking smile. Here are some treatments that can revamp your smile this autumn:

Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dentistry is never complete without offering teeth whitening. Almost everyone seeking to revamp their smile will always go for teeth whitening. White teeth look attractive and exude vibrancy.

Our dentist in Calgary will use a peroxide-based gel to bleach your teeth. In-office teeth whitening will last about 15-45 minutes to alter your smile. Even though there are many other teeth whitening treatments, in-office teeth whitening is the fastest and safest way to whiten your smile.

Dental Bonding

At times your teeth may have cracks, chips, or even severe stains, which can taint your smile. However, with dental bonding, our dentist can repair your teeth. Dental or tooth bonding involves using composite resin to revamp your affected teeth.

The composite resin chemically adheres to your teeth, and that’s why it is referred to as dental bonding. Once the resin has bonded to your teeth, they will be as good as new.

Teeth Shaping

Enamel shaping is the procedure where our dentist files or reshapes your tooth’s shape. It is a quick and pain-free solution that can dramatically change your smile.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are not so different from tooth bonding since they are placed on the front surface of the flawed teeth. The major difference between the two treatments is that veneers are fashioned from porcelain. They are ultra-thin shells that our dentist bonds onto the surface of your flawed teeth.

Veneers are quite common since they are versatile and can deal with various cosmetic dental flaws such as chips, cracks, spaces, crooked teeth, severe stains, etc.

Cosmetic Dental Implants

Your smile will not be complete if there are some missing teeth. Your smile might be unsightly, and your facial structure may also be affected. But there’s no better solution than dental implants in the market because they replace the roots and the crown. They are the most functional, durable, and stable option.

Orthodontic Treatments

Crooked or misaligned teeth will also taint your smile. A perfectly aligned smile is attractive and

Even though there are many teeth-straightening alternatives, Invisalign in NW Calgary is an excellent treatment that offers great results. It is discreet, comfortable, and convenient.

How to Find the Perfect Cosmetic Dentist for You

Several methods can be used to find a cosmetic dentist. Some of those ways are:

  • Ask for Referrals

People are a good gauge of the best services in town. So, speaking to relatives, friends, and colleagues could be a fantastic place to start your search. You can also ask other general dentists in your area to point you to a good cosmetic dentist.

These referrals also help sift through the numerous available options and focus on the best dentists in your area.

  • Look for Reviews

Most dental offices have websites where patients can post their reviews or opinions. Checking out the reviews helps you view the experience from another patient’s lens. This will help you size up a cosmetic dentist.

The dental reviews will tell you about the quality of the services offered in a dental practice.

  • Check Out the Website

If the practice has a website, you can check it to see what they are about. You can also learn more about the services and how the office is by checking their website.

In any case, finding an excellent dentist isn’t as hard as it was before. The internet has made life infinitely easier. You can check online for the cosmetic dentist that is near you. You can also contact us at Toothworks to book an appointment with our cosmetic dentist in Calgary.