Dental Practices for Patients with Anxiety: How to Find the Right One

Dental Practices for Patients with Anxiety: How to Find the Right One

Dec 01, 2022

Dental Anxiety: What Is It and How Does It Affect Patients?

It is a phobia and great discomfort associated with visiting dentists and undergoing dental procedures. Dental anxiety is one of the many problems that hold people back from seeking dental care, even when they really need it. Like any other phobia, this anxiety can be crippling enough that patients would rather endure pain than visit a dentist. Some of the typical symptoms of dental anxiety are:

  1. Palpitations or tachycardia – racing heartbeat
  2. Sweating
  3. Syncope – possible fainting due to low blood pressure
  4. Panic attacks that may cause difficulty breathing
  5. Crying and other signs of visible distress

All these signs become evident when the patient with dental anxiety enters a dental clinic. Ideally, even without needles or any dental protocol, the patient may still feel overwhelmed with anxiety about being in the presence of a dentist.

Dental Practices That Cater to Patients with Anxiety

Finding a dental practice that can cater to your oral needs despite dental anxiety is crucial. The priority of your dentist should be to calm your nerves and administer your treatment in the most painless means possible. Further, the dentist for anxiety patients near you must lay measures to prevent worsening the anxiety. It means preventing the creation of new bad memories related to dental work.

If you are unsure where to find the best dental practice that caters to patients with anxiety, visit us at Toothworks. Aside from a stellar dental facility, we have several experienced, trained, and skilled dental experts. They can handle all your oral needs while accounting for your dental anxiety.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety in Dentistry

Over the years, dentists have identified two major approaches for managing dental anxiety during treatments. They are:

  1. Local anesthesia – numbs your mouth before dental work, making all treatments painless. Therefore, you will not experience pain regardless of the procedure’s invasiveness.
  2. Sedation dentistry – is the ultimate treatment for dental anxiety. Sedation dentistry in Calgary concerns medication that calms your nerves to keep you relaxed during procedures. Dentists in Northwest Calgary use different sedatives administered through inhaling, injection, or swallowing a pill.

Some other ways of relieving dental anxiety when you visit a dentist near you are:

  1. Bring a friend or family member – having a familiar face around you goes a long way.
  2. Learn about your treatment beforehand – the more you know, the less anxious you are likely to be.
  3. Inform your dentist about your anxiety – so (s)he can take the necessary measures to calm your anxiety.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Ease Dental Anxiety?

Some of the ways that sedation dentistry impacts you are:

  1. Anterograde amnesia – sedation dentistry ensures you have little or no recollection of the events of your treatment. Therefore, your brain will not form new memories that may translate to trauma that can worsen your dental anxiety.
  2. Sleep dentistry – sometimes sedation dentistry is called sleep dentistry because you can be asleep due to the medication. Deep sedation, like general anesthesia, can make you unconscious during treatment.
  3. Calming your nerves – your mind and body can relax during our treatment due to the sedating medication.

How to Find the Right Dental Practice for You

Although many dental practices offer the services you need for oral health, finding the right one is key to a satisfactory experience. Various factors should impact your decision on the best dental practice for your oral needs. Some crucial ones include:

  1. Equipment – a fully-equipped dental practice puts you at ease, and the dental experts can handle all your oral needs.
  2. Proximity – find a dental practice near your home or work area for convenience and familiarity.
  3. Reviews and referrals – do not underestimate good customer service, especially regarding dental care. Find a dental practice with incredible reviews and referrals from patients. Chances are, you will enjoy an equally great experience.
  4. Experience with dental anxiety – there is nothing wrong with inquiring whether your dentist has experience dealing with patients with phobias. Consider family dentists who can handle all types of patients, including those with underlying conditions like autism spectrum disorders.