• When it comes to orthodontic care for your teenager, there are many more options available today. This is especially true of any orthodontist near you who uses the most advanced procedures and knowledgeable care, such as Toothworks, the premier orthodontic treatment in Calgary. To help you navigate ...Read More

  • Jump into Fall with whiter, brighter teeth! Fall teeth whitening could be your big step into making a statement during the holiday season. So, you know you want whiter teeth, but where do you start? Well, you should always begin by looking for teeth whitening near you. We at Calgary love teeth white ...Read More

  • Dentist CalgaryParents are most concerned over the health and well being of their children. They may be concerned over the color and appearance of their child’s tooth as some children have yellow or discolored teeth. Our team at Toothworks dentist in Calgary provide education and practical hel ...Read More

  • It’s pretty common for people to fear the unknown. And since not everyone has had dental implants in Calgary, Alberta, our team at Toothworks has put together this list of commonly asked questions about the procedure. Why do I need an implant? Since missing teeth create problems for the surroundi ...Read More

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  • “Don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed!” You can still hear the intensely-repeated phrase from years ago. Now you understand why your parents adamantly made sure you took good care of your smile. Our team at Toothworks encourages effective dental care in early childhood for our younger p ...Read More

  • Do you find yourself hiding your smile behind your hand when your laugh or speak? Are you self-conscious over chipped, stained, discolored, or misshapen teeth? Our team at Toothworks is dedicated to providing all our patients with a healthy and beautiful smile they can be proud of. You can achieve t ...Read More

  • In today’s article we will discuss five myths in the world of dental care that may be keeping you or someone you know from visiting the dentist. By comparing these myths to the real facts of dental care and what we do at our practice, you’ll feel more confident and entering our SW Calgar ...Read More

  • Nobody particularly enjoys visiting the dentist’s office, but most people are able to tolerate necessary procedures like cleanings and tooth fillings. However, there are those whose anxiety towards visiting their dentist is so strong that they end up skipping appointments altogether. This can have ...Read More

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