Are Dental Implants The Right Choice for You?

Are Dental Implants The Right Choice for You?

If you have one or more missing teeth, it is important to get them replaced. A missing tooth can lead to several issues such as affecting your speech, your bite, and your facial structure. It is better to get it replaced that affect your dental health. There are many options for tooth replacement such as dentures, dental bridges, and implants. The implants have emerged as one of the most popular options, says the Calgary dentist.

The reason why they are gaining popularity is that they are durable, natural-looking, and also feel normal in your mouth. A team of professionals works for accessing and planning implant treatment. The team usually includes a surgical specialist, restorative dentist, and dental laboratory technician. While the lab technician fabricates the tooth, a restorative dentist plans and places the implant. The role of a surgeon is to perform surgical work.

The implants successfully restore the appearance and function of a missing tooth. That sounds great, right? However, the pertinent question is whether you are the right candidate for dental implants or not. Let’s explore if dental implants are right for you.

  • You Have Good Oral Health

According to the NW, Calgary dentist, it is important to have a good oral health if you wish to consider getting dental implants. If the surrounding teeth near the lost tooth are decayed or infected, you are not the right candidate for dental implants. It is important to first get rid of the dental issue and then go ahead with the implants for missing teeth.

  • You Have Enough Jawbone to Support the Implant

Yet another factor for getting implants is that you need enough jaw bone for implants. The implants are titanium posts that are screwed into the jawbone. For this procedure, you need sufficient bone structure for supporting the implants. In case you have experienced a lot of bone loss after losing your tooth, an implant might not be suitable for you.

The dentist may suggest you to go for bone grafting which is the process of replacing a missing bone. This may take a few months to heal after the procedure. Once it has healed, you can go ahead with implant placement.

  • You Don’t Want Fragile Teeth

The dental implants are one of the strongest and sturdy options for tooth replacement. They allow you to talk, chew, and bite just like your natural teeth. Unlike dentures, they don’t move and remain fixed to your gums. They won’t shift or slip from their place. There is no chance of lisp or impaired speech. As they are installed in the jawbone, there is no need to even remove them for cleaning. You can simply brush them just like your natural teeth.

  • You Want Permanent Solution

The dentures, as well as dental bridges, would need replacement after a while. They can’t last for a lifetime. However, implants can be considered as a permanent solution as they can last for a lifetime if taken care of properly. Just maintain regular oral hygiene routine and visit your dentist in NW Calgary, twice a year to keep the implants as well as your oral health in good shape.

  • You Want Natural-Looking Restoration

According to the cosmetic dentist near NW, Calgary, if you are looking for one of the most natural-looking restorations, then implants are the right choice! Unlike dentures, they don’t look fake. No one can even figure out isf you are having implants as they look very natural. They don’t cause your jawbone to sink and lose their form so your facial structure is retained enabling you to smile beautifully just like before.

Most of the people with a lost tooth/ teeth are candidates for dental implants provided they are in good state of health. Certain conditions may make it difficult to go ahead with implants but that will be determined by your dentist.

There are many benefits of dental implants. They are quite easy to maintain and need simple brushing and flossing to last for many years or even a lifetime. Also, there is no food restriction as you can enjoy anything and everything you like just the way you did with your natural teeth.