5 Myths vs. Facts of the Dental Care

5 Myths vs. Facts of the Dental Care

In today’s article we will discuss five myths in the world of dental care that may be keeping you or someone you know from visiting the dentist. By comparing these myths to the real facts of dental care and what we do at our practice, you’ll feel more confident and entering our SW Calgary, AB, office. Everyone at Toothworks wants to see you smile, and we do all we can so you do!

Myth #1:Sugar is only responsible for causing the cavities: Sugary foods such as cookies and cake are not the only culprits for causing cavities in the mouth. Carbohydrates found in vegetables, fruits, and bread all allow for the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Once bacteria starts consuming the leftover particles in your mouth due to a lack of hygiene in your oral routine, these bacterias then begin to produce acids. These acids break down the enamel in your teeth allowing for tooth decay to grow, AKA cavities.

Myth #2:Only children get the cavities: This is furthest from the truth. speaking from experience, children are not the only ones that get cavities, but us adults are at risk also. The main reason we get cavities is by a lack of oral hygiene. Other related reasons that cavities begin to develop in the teeth is dry mouth, which many adults and elders can find happens when taking certain medications.

Myth # 3: Don’t opt for the scaling option; they’re not good for your teeth: Scaling done during a routine dental exam and cleaning can help wash out tartar in the mouth to keep up your oral hygiene. However, it also prevents bad breath and bleeding gums. It’s always important to seek professional help when wanting a proficient cleaning of your teeth.

Myth #4:Teeth whitening damage the enamel: On the market today are many different teeth whitening options. Well some teeth whitening procedures can harm your enamel making your teeth more sensitive, other procedures like Zoom Whitening and in office whitening doesn’t work the same way. Keep yourself educated on how these teeth whitening procedures work and the specific whitening agents used in there treatments to keep your teeth safe from possible damage.

Myth #5:Diet coke is better option than the regular coke: In any case, both options are harmful to your teeth. Consuming carbohydrates in any form stimulate bacteria to release enzymes on to your oral cavity. Do not think that diet soda won’t cause cavities because of the lack of sugar.