Pregnancy and Gingivitis

Pregnancy and Gingivitis

The inflammation of the gums when plaque accumulates in the spaces between the teeth and gums is known as gingivitis. Bacteria accumulates and can also lead to bone loss around the teeth, which is then referred to as Periodontitis. This can eventually lead to tooth decay and possible loss of teeth. More than 50 percent of adults suffer from some form of gingivitis or periodontitis in their lifetime.

Pregnancy gingivitis affects more than 60 percent of pregnant women. It is usually caused by an increase in the level of hormones, and this can increase the level of plaque in the mouth. This excessive plaque can cause swelling, bleeding, redness and tenderness in the gums and one can notice this as early as in the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Pregnant women should take extra care with their oral hygiene during pregnancy. They should brush their teeth after every meal if possible and floss their teeth daily. It’s advised to spend at least two minutes brushing their teeth with a soft brush so as to not damage their gums at this sensitive period.

They should use an anti-plaque toothpaste and rinse thoroughly after brushing. This can help reduce the build-up of bacteria that can eventually lead to pregnancy gingivitis. Eating healthy food and greatly reducing sugary snacks helps keep teeth healthy.

Regular visits to the dentist help in keeping a good check on her teeth and gums. A hygiene appointment is most preferred in 1st or 2nd trimester.