Causes and Problems of Sensitive Teeth

Do you feel a sharp pang in your teeth when you eat your ice-cream or take a sip of some hot coffee on a cold winter night? If you do, then you might have sensitive teeth. In the case of sensitivity teeth it’s recommended you make an appointment to find out if you really do have sensitive teeth or another dental issue. If you do, then you need to be careful about what you eat, what you drink, how often you brush or floss your teeth. People, who have sensitive teeth, often do so due to some underlying problems like gum disease, tooth decay, exposed teeth, worn out fillings, or damaged root canal.

You start to have sensitive teeth because there has been some damage to the layer of enamel that is right above your gum line. The function of this enamel is to protect your teeth from chemicals and harmful bacteria in food. There is another layer for protection under the gum line which is called the cementum and this also has the function of protecting the root of the teeth. Below this layer (the cementum) and the enamel is a layer called the dentin, which is thinner than the layers of cementum and enamel. Dentin has some microscopic tubules, which are what the cementum and the enamel are there to protect. If this protective layer suffers any damage then the microscopic tubules of the dentin create a gap for letting in hot, cold, sticky, and acidic foods which then reach the cells and the nerves with the tooth and cause that sharp pang of pain that you feel when you have certain food. Dentin also gets exposed to food when the gums recede, eventually causing hypersensitivity.

The problems causing sensitive teeth varies for each person, therefore the treatment also varies to a certain extent. You should never take the advice of another patient and do what they have done. The problem may get worse if not treated in the right way, so it is suggested that you go to a professional dentist and get your teeth looked at. ToothWorks Calgary is one of the many clinics that has certified dentists as well as the authority to prescribe you with the proper medication. Contact us today for an appointment with our amazing dentists who will take the greatest care of you. Say goodbye to hypersensitivity with our help and go back to enjoying your food with every bite.