• Veneers and Dental Bonding

    Most people know that veneers and dental bonding are both cosmetic surgery procedures, which can help hide any dental imperfection and a small glitch in your teeth to give you self-confidence with a beautiful smile to match. Many people are, however, confused as to the differences between these two ...Read More

  • Why Fluoride is Good for You

    Fluoride is an important mineral for good oral health. It helps prevent cavities by boosting the rate of remineralization and slowing down enamel erosion. The new mineral crystals that form on the tooth crown are larger, denser and better equipped to shield against mouth acid. Plaque breaks down the ...Read More

  • What Dental Cleaning Can Do For You

    There are many reasons why you should get your teeth cleaned by a dentist at least three times a year. A whitish film builds up on teeth known as plaque. Plaque is the leading cause of tooth decay. This substance which is acidic in nature, eats away at the tooth enamel and if you leave this unattend ...Read More

  • How to Improve the Appearance of your Teeth

    If you think your teeth could do with some aesthetic improvement, veneers are one of the best options for you. People usually think of teeth whitening when wanting to improve the appearance of their teeth, but few think about getting veneers, which are actually a better option. Veneers help capture ...Read More

  • Teaching Kids Better Dental Habits

    Teaching Kids Better Dental Habits Many of us are afraid of the dentist and sub-consciously, we pass this fear on to our children. Instead of doing this, we should teach them important dental health habits. As kids live by parent’s examples, remaining calm in the dentist’s chair will go a long w ...Read More

  • Pregnancy and Gingivitis

    Pregnancy and Gingivitis The inflammation of the gums when plaque accumulates in the spaces between the teeth and gums is known as gingivitis. Bacteria accumulates and can also lead to bone loss around the teeth, which is then referred to as Periodontitis. This can eventually lead to tooth decay and ...Read More

  • Kids and Good Oral Care

    Kids and Good Oral Care Children’s teeth start to form even before their birth. By the time they reach the age of approximately six months, baby teeth begin to grow. By the time children are about three years old, all 20 of their primary teeth appear. By the age of six, permanent teeth begin to ap ...Read More

  • Children and Fear of the Dentist

    Children and Fear of the Dentist At Toothworks, we encourage you to bring your child in for their first dental check up by the time they are one and definitely before they are three. It is no big secret that many people are afraid of dentists. Some of these people are full grown adults. That being s ...Read More

  • Good Dental Care Habits

    Good Dental Care Habits Your dentist is your lifelong partner when it comes to your dental health. It is important to remember that you need to do your part at home on a regular basis to keep periodontal disease away. Regular home care should of course include daily brushing and flossing. Brushing s ...Read More

  • 5 Biggest Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

    5 Biggest Causes of Tooth Sensitivity Most of us experience sensitive teeth at some point in our lives. This can be caused by acidic foods, certain toothpastes, flossing the wrong way and a host of other things. If you are experiencing sensitive teeth, look at the following things and see what you a ...Read More

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