• Scheduling Your Child’s First Dental Visit

    Scheduling Your Child’s First Dental Visit As a new parent, we bet you were over the moon with joy when your baby’s first tooth appeared. Now that the baby finally has a tooth, it’s high time that you start caring for their dental health. If you are a new parent, you must be wondering when you ...Read More

  • How effective are Dental Implants

    The words ‘dental implants’ may sound scary, but don’t let your worries get the best of you. In modern times, it is the most effective way to replace your missing teeth. It can be very embarrassing if your front teeth are missing. Why should you stop smiling if there is cutting edge te ...Read More

  • Causes and Problems of Sensitive Teeth

    Do you feel a sharp pang in your teeth when you eat your ice-cream or take a sip of some hot coffee on a cold winter night? If you do, then you might have sensitive teeth. In the case of sensitivity teeth it’s recommended you make an appointment to find out if you really do have sensitive teeth or ...Read More

  • A Basic Introduction to Dental Implants

    Dental implants are best suited for people who have gaps between their teeth, an entire tooth missing, cavities, and crooked teeth. The application of implants includes setting a small titanium screw into the bone of the tooth in a position where the root is. Once the screw is set in place, a prosth ...Read More

  • Bad Dental Habits to Quit Right Now

    When it comes to our teeth, we can fall behind on taking the proper care for them at times. Instead of quitting our bad habits, we tend to pile up on them. What we fail to realize is how much damage we are causing to our teeth in the long run. By becoming more aware about the bad dental habits that ...Read More

  • Teeth Grinding – Causes and Prevention

    For people who wake up with an achy jaw or a headache, if they notice that their jaw pops and clicks when they yawn or open their mouths too wide – there must be some teeth grinding going on at night. While teeth grinding may not be a severe dental problem, it can cause severe misalignment of teet ...Read More

  • What is TMJ and How to Stay Away From It

    TMJ- Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, is the name or acronym used to describe a collection of dental problems altogether; it is not merely just an isolated dental disorder by itself, but a group on a whole. The problems mainly involve the jaw, that is, the muscles and joints that are around the jaw ...Read More

  • Beware of These Common Dental Problems

    We want our teeth to be perfect because they are a very important part of our appearance. We also need our teeth to be healthy because they helps us to eat and digest, both of which are a must to keep us in good health. Just brushing your teeth twice is not enough, you must floss between each tooth ...Read More

  • Be More Confident About Your Smile

    We all know the importance of having a great smile- a smile can help you engage people, be perceived as friendly and become more well liked and admired by others. Most importantly give you that extra boost of confidence in yourself. One of the most important things that make a smile beautiful is a g ...Read More

  • Cracked Tooth Syndrome

    A cracked tooth is a medical condition in which the person can feel a sudden, sharp pain or contraction when a patient bites or puts pressure onto something in their mouth. The symptoms of cracked tooth syndrome are: 1. Increased tooth sensitivity to varying temperatures 2. Extreme pain in the tooth ...Read More