• Fluorosis Stains – Will Dental Veneers or Teeth Whitening Help?

    It is no secret that most of just want a beautiful, straight and white smile! Unfortunately, not all of us have this naturally. There are many options out in the dental world that allows us to get us as close to our ideal smile as possible – between races, teeth whitening and even veneers. Wha ...Read More

  • Advancements in Dental Care Over the Years

    There is no doubt that dentistry has (more or less) quickly evolved from a stone-age practice, to something on par with the most technologically advanced medical procedures. You might be surprised to find that for thousands of years, although general doctors and physicians existed in human culture, ...Read More

  • Why You Should Visit a Kid-Friendly Dentist

    To prepare your child for a lifetime of fear-free dental visits, it is important to start with a kid-friendly dentist. We all understand the importance of good oral health, but have you considered the impact of your child’s dental visits? If the first encounters are not positive, kids can quickly ...Read More

  • What’s Wrong with My Gums?

    If you have sore, swollen, or even bleeding gums, you may just be dealing with it and waiting for it pass. However, gum issues may indicate an oral health issue and, in some cases, gum disease. Periodontal disease refers to conditions that affect the gums, bone, and surrounding structures of the tee ...Read More

  • Make the Most of Your Dental Visits

    Unfortunately, most of us don’t go to the dentist as much as we should. If you are the average person, you only see the dentist twice a year. Some people see their dentist even less than this, so it’s important to make the most of your dental visits. At Toothworks Calgary, we want to make sure t ...Read More

  • Are Baby Teeth Really That Important?

    Your baby’s primary teeth will start to erupt between six and 12 months of age. Never de-value the importance of this first set. Although baby teeth are only in use for a few years, they serve a necessary function and require proper care. Promote Better Nutrition Baby teeth show up around the sam ...Read More

  • Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening!

    Do stains and discoloration dull your smile? Wish there was a quick, comfortable and affordable way to brighten and whiten your teeth? At Toothworks Calgary we are proud to offer Spa Dent teeth whitening treatments. Unlike over-the-counter whitening kits which can take months, our treatment can prov ...Read More

  • What is Gingival Contouring?

    Also known as gum or tissue reshaping and sculpting, gingival contouring is a periodontal procedure that helps people whose gums are too low or too high by sculpting the gums. Reasons for High and Low Gums There are many reasons why a person’s gums appear too high or low. A common cause of gums be ...Read More

  • Your Smile and Your Overall Health

    Maintaining good oral hygiene is important if you want a healthy mouth, but did you know that it could help prevent other health problems? Studies have shown that certain dental problems are linked to various diseases and conditions.Cardiovascular Disease – In simple terms, this means heart dise ...Read More

  • Dental Care Tips for Kids

    Good dental care starts at a young age. The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends that children start visiting the pediatric dentist as early as before their first birthday and return every six months for a dental cleaning, but many parents don’t truly understand the importance of their chi ...Read More

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