• Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction

    Oral bacteria are present in everyone’s mouth, no matter how well you clean your teeth. This bacterium produces harmful acids that destroy enamel. When allowed to accumulate, these critters form a sticky layer that adheres to teeth. The unremoved plaque will eventually eat a hole in tooth enamel, ...Read More

  • The Connection of TMJ and Posture: Postural Phenomena

    A more common problem than probably realized, temporomandibular joints, also known as TMJ can be the main culprit causing your headaches, paw pain, or even soreness. If you’re wondering if you suffer from this syndrome, keep reading to find out some of the symptoms and ways to improve or alleviate ...Read More

  • Shining a Light on Migraine Relief

    Migraine pain makes it very hard to ignore. The accompanying throbbing headaches can last for hours or days in severe cases. While millions of Americans are affected, the cause is still relatively unknown. What Is a Migraine? A migraine is much different than a normal headache. A headache can cause ...Read More

  • Facts About Dental Implant Pricing

    It’s safe to assume that most people would love a radiant and bright smile that could give them the confidence to take on new endeavors. Unfortunately, the reality is that not everyone has this kind of smile naturally. Even the use of dental implants can seem daunting for some patients that may ha ...Read More

  • What’s the Deal with Invisalign?

    Crooked or misaligned teeth can make cleaning them difficult, and even more than that, they can hurt your self-confidence. So you’ve decided that you want to straighten your teeth, but now you have two choices: wire braces, or Invisalign? Ultimately, the choice is up to you. You already know the d ...Read More

  • Good Dental Hygiene Impacts Overall Health

    Regardless of how often and how thoroughly you brush and floss your teeth, your mouth is abounding with naturally occurring bacteria. Although you need some level of good bacteria for your health, harmful bacteria can lead to severe illnesses. It is essential for your general health to practice good ...Read More

  • Fluorosis Stains – Will Dental Veneers or Teeth Whitening Help?

    It is no secret that most of just want a beautiful, straight and white smile! Unfortunately, not all of us have this naturally. There are many options out in the dental world that allows us to get us as close to our ideal smile as possible – between races, teeth whitening and even veneers. Wha ...Read More

  • Advancements in Dental Care Over the Years

    There is no doubt that dentistry has (more or less) quickly evolved from a stone-age practice, to something on par with the most technologically advanced medical procedures. You might be surprised to find that for thousands of years, although general doctors and physicians existed in human culture, ...Read More

  • Why You Should Visit a Kid-Friendly Dentist

    To prepare your child for a lifetime of fear-free dental visits, it is important to start with a kid-friendly dentist. We all understand the importance of good oral health, but have you considered the impact of your child’s dental visits? If the first encounters are not positive, kids can quickly ...Read More

  • What’s Wrong with My Gums?

    If you have sore, swollen, or even bleeding gums, you may just be dealing with it and waiting for it pass. However, gum issues may indicate an oral health issue and, in some cases, gum disease. Periodontal disease refers to conditions that affect the gums, bone, and surrounding structures of the tee ...Read More

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